SANDSTONE ...natural sandstone for sandstone buildings, sandstone restoration, sandstone gardens and anything sandstone!!

Natural stone is timeless. Whether used for restoration or a modern building project, sandstone and bluestone will always make a unique impression.

We supply sandstone to anywhere in Australia. Yes, we do not mind if you live in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia or Tasmania.

Our sandstone pavers, garden edging, steps, capping stones and building blocks will capture the imagination of your friends and associates. We can also supply sandstone to match your special requirements/specifications. We can supply sandstone in any size suitable for sandstone restoration, sandstone buildings and gardens.

We are happy to assist you with your building plans and construction concepts as required and our stonemason (The Cottage Mason) is always on hand and can provide you with expert free advice to ensure that your sandstone construction project is a success.

The Old Stone Company stands alone for delivering exceptionally high quality sandstone at a surprisingly affordable price. We can also provide you with all manner of sandstone surfaces, from the natural quarried surface finish, to intricately machined cut and hand chiseled. The choice is yours.

We challenge you to find an alternative sandstone supplier that can deliver such high quality natural sandstone at such an affordable price.